Wednesday, 28 August 2013

GBG Baguio More Than 1 Year Of Service To The City Of Pines

During the Women 3.0 

GBG Baguio Activities After 1 Year

GBG Baguio has been existing for more than one year now, our first event was a MapUp last June 16, 2013. Where is GBG Baguio now after 1 Year? We have done more than seven meetups, helped in organizing several Hackathons, numerous mapUps,
a Social media day celebration and an all women event. As of today GBG Baguio has catered to both entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be. Small businesses has been tapped into encouraging them to bring their business online and a number has migrated to using Google products, you can say that we have convinced some folks in Baguio City to go Google. Apart from meetups for business owners, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be we also helped educators on learning how they could use Google Technologies in the practice of their profession and for students in the development of their school projects, thesis among other school requirements.
Google Apps Training For Benguet State University

GBG Baguio Partners After 1 Year

MapUp at Berkeley School 

During the Social Media Day Baguio At Azalea Residences 

We could proudly say that GBG Baguio has made an impact in the City that does not usually host any tech events. If at first, we are not being welcomed by different establishments in terms of entering into a partnership agreement, today our projects are being supported by several establishments, namely Azalea Residences Baguio who tirelessly sponsor our venue and accommodation for our speakers and guests during our events. Telcos like SMART and Globe who in one way or the other have provided our internet connection needs as well as funding for our events. Berkeley School who always welcomes us to their computer laboratory should we need to provide hands-on workshops and mapUps for our members and to Communities like DECAT and Cordillera Bloggers who have provided their help during programs and in conducting information dissemination via social media. GBG Baguio of course would also like to send a special shout out to the people behind the success of every GBG Baguio event. To Ellaine Nieva-Tabor who helps out in handling the logistics of every event, to Elisa Escobar the General Manager of Azalea Residences Baguio, the coolest hotel in baguio city,  who constantly gives her valuable advise to the community and her willingness to help out the community through her channels, to Aris Go who willingly lends his time in helping the community by volunteering as a speaker more than anything else he is our Google Apps wizard, to Aldreen Dumasig who also have helped us in the logistics and to TJ Sanoy for helping out the community in making sure that the events run smoothly.
Fifth Meetup - The State of Tech in Baguio City At Azalea Residences

2nd Meetup Google Plus Event at CAP-John Hay

GBG Baguio Moving Forward

GBG Baguio aims to help more business owners bring their business online, this is why aside from our regular meetups we believe that the only way for our members to learn is through an intensive series of workshop sessions this is why GBG Baguio will be offering FREE Online marketing workshops to all of its interested members. This way we will really feel that we have made a huge difference, and hopefully from these batch of member who will undergo the training, one year from now they will be telling their success stories. GBG Baguio is growing and with this growth comes a huge responsibility from its organizers and to that challenge we say...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
GBG Baguio's First Meetup 

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