Tuesday, 23 September 2014

THE GBG Baguio Fireside Chat 3

This September 24, 2014 from 4pm to 7pm, GBG Baguio will hold the third fireside chat at the first and only coworking space in Baguio City, 5Space.

What is A Fireside Chat?

A fireside chat is a discussion among participants both entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to discuss topics relating to business and use of Google products. For the third fireside chat it is dubbed as the unconference where the event will not have any speakers only moderators and the speakers are the participants themselves where they will be sharing their thoughts and knowledge in terms of the topics to be discussed.

So far the participants have chosen the following topics:

1. Growing Your Startup Business
2. Using Google Apps For Work
3. Thinking of New Business

Of course there is no limit on what we will be discussing, every participant is encouraged to share their knowledge in business and best practices in-line with the given topics.

The Unconference is an exciting way to give every participant a chance to speak and share what they know to the community. Are you ready to learn? Share? Register today at http://bit.ly/firesidechatunconf

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Benefits Of Joining A Map Up

Have you heard of a mapup? No? Well, this is happening several times a year in the Philippines. A mapup is an event where participants are taught how to contribute and make Google Maps accurate by editing the map through Google Mapmaker.

Why You should Join A Mapup?

1. It is a Fun Activity
2. It is an opportunity to make the Google Map, which you may be using a lot more accurate.
3. It is an opportunity to meet more people
4. It is an opportunity to learn how to use a Google product
5. For Entrepreneurs it is an opportunity to learn how to put your business visible online through maps.
6. Get to receive Swags/Items from the Google Mapmaker team
7. It is an Opportunity to Pay It Forward - Google maps is also being used for Disaster Risk Management efforts, thus, if you contribute to make the map accurate it is going to be a lot of help for rescuers if they could easily locate a specific point of interest through the use of Google Maps.

On September 27, 2014 from 9am - 12noon, learn and contribute to making the Baguio City map accurate on Google Maps. At 5Space, the first coworking space in Baguio City, located at #19 Leonardwood Road Baguio City.

Please pre-register here to receive you swags/items: http://bit.ly/mapbusiness

Friday, 25 April 2014

Gdays Baguio Speakers List

Aside from the exciting prizes and food that we prepared for Gdays Baguio we also have prepared an awesome program for you. Here's our list of Speakers for Gdays Baguio.

Erica’s been at Google for 7.5 years. She started out in Mountain View, California as an AdWords and Analytics specialist working with small businesses for one year and then switched to working with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agencies on their digital strategy with clients for three years in the San Francisco office.

Gdays Baguio Important Announcements

Announcement 1: Google Supports this endeavor by the Google Business Group (GBG) Community, so if you are asking if you have to pay to attend the event the answer is NO. All GBG events are free of charge, we are here to help your business and not gain from it. 

Announcement 2: We respect the fact that some if not most of you had to attend to your Sunday obligations this is why we are moving the registration time to 9am-10am and the program proper shall start at 10am

Announcement 3: SMART, Cherry Mobile, Azalea Residences Baguio and Syntcorp are sponsoring our event therefore we have lots of items to giveaway during the event, we've even reserve two big raffle prizes at the end of our event. 

Announcement 4: Early Birds will get a reward! Aside from the swag/items we're giving away to our attendees at the end of the event we will also give premium items to 100 of our early birds. 

Announcement 5: Take Photos and Share it Via Google Plus and Twitter using our official Hashtags #gbgbaguio and #gdaysbaguio

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

We Are Doing It Again!

After a successful run of the first GdayX North Luzon in Baguio City, we are doing it again this year, this time during the summer season. GdayX Baguio is coming soon! Follow GBG Baguio on Google Plus for more announcements regarding the biggest GBG event to hit Baguio City!

Reserve your seats Now! Register here: http://bit.ly/gdayxbaguio2

Spark: From Startup Idea To Startup Business

Startup or a startup company is defined as

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Get To Know How To Make Google Maps Accurate in Your Locality

On March 22, 2014 at from 1pm-4pm the Google Business Group Baguio will be having a Geo-walk and Mapup. The goal of the event is to teach the participants