Saturday, 5 April 2014

Creating The Startup Spark With GBG Baguio

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Sometimes ideas come to life if you brainstorm with others.
Sometimes you will find the missing piece of the puzzle from strangers and when you start to work together that is the time that a startup idea takes its form. However, it takes more than an idea to make everything work and get the precise output that you want for your business. Yes, the reality is, starting a business takes a lot more than a great idea, and this is what GBG Baguio would like to help entrepreneurs with, this is what is Spark is all about.

Dinner Before We Start

Last April 5, 2014 GBG Baguio organized its first Fireside Forum at the Oreta Hall of Azalea Hotels and Residences, dubbed as "Spark: From Startup Idea to Startup Business". The goal of which is to help entrepreneurs organize their ideas or thoughts through the use of the business model canvass. With the help of Mr. Jonathan Lansangan the Co-Founder and COO of Dynamic Objx a tech company based in Manila, he showed Baguio entrepreneurs and students on how to use the business model canvass. Moreover, he inspired his audience by sharing his story on his experience in starting a company, the ups and downs and basically the reality of staring your own company.

Jonathan Lansangan Discussing Sharing His Startup Experience

GBG Baguio Manager and GBG PH Country Champion Vincent Tabor on the other hand discussed the different Google services that entrepreneurs can use in marketing (channels) their business or in gathering feedback from their clients (customer relations).

This is said to be the first of many fireside forums for GBG Baguio in order to achieve that ultimate goal of helping entrepreneurs make their startup idea to a startup business reality.

Passion, Idea to Business, Why is it Called Fireside Forum Can You Guess?

The GBG Sparkers Autoawesomed!

Next Stop: GdayX Baguio on April 27, 2014 from 8am-5pm at Azalea Hotels and Residences. Register for this event here:

Coming Soon: Flare: Creative Problem Solving

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