Friday, 25 April 2014

Gdays Baguio Important Announcements

Announcement 1: Google Supports this endeavor by the Google Business Group (GBG) Community, so if you are asking if you have to pay to attend the event the answer is NO. All GBG events are free of charge, we are here to help your business and not gain from it. 

Announcement 2: We respect the fact that some if not most of you had to attend to your Sunday obligations this is why we are moving the registration time to 9am-10am and the program proper shall start at 10am

Announcement 3: SMART, Cherry Mobile, Azalea Residences Baguio and Syntcorp are sponsoring our event therefore we have lots of items to giveaway during the event, we've even reserve two big raffle prizes at the end of our event. 

Announcement 4: Early Birds will get a reward! Aside from the swag/items we're giving away to our attendees at the end of the event we will also give premium items to 100 of our early birds. 

Announcement 5: Take Photos and Share it Via Google Plus and Twitter using our official Hashtags #gbgbaguio and #gdaysbaguio

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