Friday, 30 August 2013

MapUp For Baguio

Baguio City will be having its 104th charter day anniversary and what a great way for GBG to say Happy Birthday to Baguio City but by creating an accurate digital map for Baguio,
a google map that is. This is why GBG Baguio in cooperation with Berkeley School we would be having a mapmaker session for students and professionals alike. The mapUp event is aimed to help teach mappers or interested mappers to learn how to add locations, roads among others to the Google Map using Mapmaker.

Mapmaker is an exciting product by Google that allows you to add data to the entire Google Map, however your edits are subject to review by map reviewers worldwide, this way the integrity and validity of the map is kept intact.

Several mapups will be scheduled for Baguio City as the changing landscape of the City requires constant updates to the maps and who could be the best resource person to edit the map but the residents of Baguio City. If you want to learn how to map using Google Mapmaker come join us August 31, 2013 at Berkeley School you can register here :

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